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Planning a trek? Keep these 8 trekking tips in mind about what to eat on a trek

What to eat and not eat on a trek? For many travellers this is a dilemma. And that’s natural, going on a trek can be exhausting, especially when you are going on a long trek and dealing with mountain sickness.   Eating the right kind of food not only keeps you fit but helps you enjoy the trek too. Below are some trekking tips that can come handy.

Tungnath-Trek Route
Tungnath trek.

It is always wise to stick to nutritious food that is not too heavy on your stomach, but at the same time is rich in protein.

Here are 8 trekking tips about what to eat on a trek

  1. Start with a heavy breakfast. Go for dishes that filling and easy to digest. Some of the good options are porridge, bread & omelette, cornflakes and pancakes.
  2. Avoid smoking and drinking while on a trek.
  3. Carry nuts, fruits, chocolates and veggies like carrots in your back pack. These items will perk your energy when you are walking up hill and when you feel tired.
  4. Fluids are your lifeline. Carry energy mixes (gulcose..etc) that you can have with water and sip from time to time.
  5. Add lots of vegetables to your meals. If trekking in a colder region, increase potatoes in your diet as they are believed to increase heat in your body.
  6. Dall (lentil) & rice or chapatis are a safe bet for lunch. Avoid junk food like chips, burgers and oily food.
  7. For dinner, eat sandwiches, different kinds of soups, toast, and dall, rice & chapatis.
  8. Veggie-rich stews with greens, carrots, beans and cabbages will provide you your dose of protein.

For most of us, the culprit is our sedentary lifestyle. If you want to be fitter for a trek, start with small steps like taking stairs instead of lift or escalators. Never lose an opportunity to walk, spend time with kids, as they won’t let you fixed at one place. Small steps lead to big changes. Start today!

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