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Majuli, a beautiful environment-friendly, pristine, lush green water island free of pollution in the Brahmaputra River is just 20 km from Jorhat city in the state of Assam. It is one of the most dreamlike destinations in India and attracts tourists in galore.

Majuli – River Island | Pic: by Zak from Pixabay

If you are traveling to Majuli you should definitely visit:
• Kamalabari Satra
• Gamur- A holy site
• Tengapania
• Dakhinpat Satra
• Auniati Satra

Things to do in Majuli: When in Majuli you can enjoy crystal clear waters and other water activities. Also participate in festivals with pomp and show like Ali aye ligang, Raas. Visit buildings in Majuli that reflect the architectural style of the past era.

Nearby Places
Tengapania – It is located 138 kms from the city on the banks of River Brahmaputra and is an ideal picnic spot of this region.

Travel Bytes
Where: It is 20 kms from Jorhat in the state of Assam.
Why: The ideal weather and the awe-inspiring vistas make the setting beautiful. The exceptional culture of Majuli is very interesting and this is one of the chief reasons why people get attracted to this place. It is also famous as the cultural capital of the state in Assam. The festivals in Majuli are fun filled and vibrant.
When: Best time to visit October to March

Nearest Airport: Jorhat Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Since Majuli is an island in the River Brahmaputra, no well-maintained roadways system is there. So, you cannot take a train, a bus or taxi to this city. So take a train or bus to nearby city that is Jorhat.

Reaching Majuli by Waterways
Reaching to Majuli by waterways is the best medium. Ferries are accessible that take you to this gorgeous and stunning looking river island.

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