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India Fairs & Festivals in February

No matter when you travel in India, chances are, there’s a festival, a fair or an event taking place in one or the part of the country. In fact, fairs & festivals in India add to the beauty and experience of exploring this vast land. Whether you are a backpacker, a nomad, a bunch of friends travelling together or a family person taking your family out on a vacation, fairs & festivals in India make for an exciting holiday.

India Fairs & Festivals in February
Pic by Arindam Mitra

Here’s a list of Fairs & Festivals in February:

Nagaur Fair, Rajasthan
Hardly any state in the country celebrates as many festivals as Rajasthan does especially from Oct – March. Nagaur Fair generally takes place in the first week of February. It is popular for trading of camels, bullocks and horses. Nagaur Fair is the second largest cattle fair in India after Sonepur Mela. But Nagaur Fair is not only about camels and trade; it is a spectacle of colours. There are plenty of fun activities that you can enjoy right from tug of war competitions, camel races and cultural programs.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Rajasthan
Another colourful festival that you can head to in Rajasthan is the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. The festival is held with Jaisalmer Fort in the backdrop and has a bunch of interesting activities like the best moustache competition, turban-tying competition and even a Mr. Desert pageant. The festival showcases the beauty and culture of Rajasthan and is one of the last few festivals to attend before the intense desert heat begins.

Taj Mahotsav, Agra
The city of Taj Mahal – Agra – hosts the Taj Mahotsav in the month of February. It is an annual festival that is held in Agra near the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal. It is a 10-day event that draws visitors from all over the world to take a slice of the Taj Mahal and Indian culture and tradition. The weather is just right this time of the year which makes it a pleasant time to host the festival. If you are planning to visit Agra during this time of the year, it is advisable to book your hotel room in advance.

Surajkund Fair, Near Delhi
Organised from 1st to 15 February every year, Surajkund Fair provides an opportunity to experience the culture, art and craft various Indian states at one place. If you are in Delhi in the first or 2nd week of February, take time out to immerse the cultural festivities at Surajkund Fair. The Surajkund Crafts Mela provides a platform to artisans and craftsmen from all over India to showcase and market their products without a middleman. The fair also celebrates the unique diversity of Indian traditions and culture in an ambience created to represent the ethos of rural India. It is a great place to savour the best that India has to offer, be it handloom, craft, folk dance or cuisine.

SulaFest, Nashik
A music festival set in the vineyards of Nashik, SulaFest is all about having good times. It is organized every February and well- known artists perform at the event. The free-flowing wine, music in the air and the cool breeze of Nashik make for a great getaway in the beginning of the year.

Khajuraho Dance Festival, Madhya Pradesh
Another important festival to look forward to in February is the Khajuraho Dance Festival. Khajuraho, a small town famous for its erotic temples comes alive with sounds of tabla and jingles of anklets, as renowned dancers from across the country sway and move against the floodlit backdrop of the stunning Khajuraho temples. If you love classical dance performances, you must not miss this spectacle as artists from all over the country perform live some of the most beautiful parts of Hindu mythology. From Shiva’s Tandava to Krishna’s Raas Leela, you will get a glimpse of these in this dance festival.

Goa Carnival, Goa
If you love beaches, head to Goa, the most popular beach destination India. In February, Goa hosts the Carnaval which is a colorful carnival with decorated floats, performances, masks and the grand finale – the Red and Black Ball and the crowning of King Momo, a character from Greek mythology.

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
Kala Ghoda is among the few popular non-religious festivals in the city of Mumbai. It is free of cost, open for all and is graced by several celebrities as well. For many the Kala Ghoda festival is all about spotting their favorite celebrities. Kala Ghoda is a kaleidoscope of events that range from music, dance, plays and colorful bazaars, stalls and food joints.

Deccan Festival, Hyderabad
If you are in Hyderabad in the last week of February, chances are you may get an opportunity to witness the charm of Hyderabad at the Deccan Festival that is conducted by the state tourism board in the month of February. The festival showcases the rich art, culture and food of the Deccan region. The festival has several performances lined up every year that include poetry, ghazals, qawalli among others.

The Tibetan New Year is called Losar and it is an auspicious occasion that marks the beginning of a new year for people of the Buddhist community. The festival is celebrated in different parts of India primarily in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Ladakh and some parts of Himachal Pradesh.

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