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A Road Trip to Mehandipur Balaji from Delhi

I recently came back from a road trip to Mehandipur Balaji Temple in Dausa Rajasthan from Delhi. I had Mehandipur Balaji visit in mind for a while but I didn’t want to take a bus to Mehandipur Balaji or train for that matter. Since the distance from Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji is less than 300 km and the route is pretty simple (which I realized after doing the trip), I thought of doing it by car.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple

So on a Saturday afternoon; I hit the road to Mehandipur Balaji from Delhi. Afternoon may sound a bit odd to people, who believe early morning is the best time to start any road trip. Even I wanted to start early morning but circumstances were so that I had no choice. The idea was to start in the late afternoon and reach Mehandipur Balaji from Delhi by late evening, attend the morning aarti at Mehandipur Balaji Temple and leave by 12 noon from Mehandipur Balaji to Delhi.

I started around 3.30 pm and hit the Jaipur Highway (NH-8). I had tried to gather as much information as I could on Delhi-Mehandipur Balaji route before leaving. To be honest, the information available on how to reach Mehandipur Balaji by road was not comprehensive and so was about hotels in Mehandipur Balaji. It was available in bits and pieces that too very generic in nature. However, Google Maps was a good reference; at least I had an idea which road to follow.

Based on the information, I got on Delhi-Mehandipur Balaji route, I had to take left from Dharuhera, approx 45 km from Shankar Chowk, Gurgaon.  Google maps showed the ‘left’ before the Daruhera bus stand but I could not find that ‘left’ and had to take the one that goes through the busy bus stand and market. The approx 1 km stretch was in absolute mess, the condition of the road was terrible.

Took the first right turn (straight road goes to Bhiwadi) and I was on the road to Alwar (SH-25). This four-lane highway to Alwar is toll road and it is well maintained. Since the highway goes through many small towns, you’ll find speed breakers and open cuts at various points on the road. It is important to keep a watch for tractors and motor bikes that often cross the highway at will.

You need to follow SH 25 till Sikandra (do not enter Alwar city). Here, the 2nd part of the toll road starts that took me to Sikandra. There aren’t many signboards mentioning Mehandipur Balaji on the route, there are only a few that say just ‘Balaji’ and that gave me confidence. I could feel that I am on the right road.


Instead of looking for signboards that say Balaji, keep an eye for Sikandra. I found signboards for Sikandara throughout. It was already past seven o’clock and I was little jittery. Once, I was about to take a wrong turn to Abhaneri, fortunately I stopped and asked a fellow on the road and he directed me to the right route. I was told to keep on SH- 25 till Sikandara and take right turn on NH-11 towards Jaipur. The NH-11 connects Jaipur –Bharatpur-Agra.  I drove for 25 km on NH-11 and found Mehandipur Balaji gate on the right. I took the right turn and after 3 km, I had reached Mehandipur Balaji.

Total km covered: 240 km
Total time Taken: 5 hrs (Including 30 mins tea break)


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