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Trip Advisor tricks its Insighters!

Have you redeemed 250 points that you got for TripAdvisor Insighters survey?

I tried to do that and was surprised to find that while checking out, the total amount shown is the exact amount that has to be debited from your credit card and not the (total – 250). The 250 points are equal to Rs. 250, says the mail I received from Trip Advisor.

See the mail below:

I opted for a T-Shirt for which I had to pay Rs. 80 besides the 250 points (=250 rupees) I had earned. But when I checked out to make the payment, I was shocked to see that how a brand like Trip Advisor can dare  trick travellers, who are providing them an insight into travel trends.

Check how Trip Advisor tricks its Insighters:

The T-shirt I chose to buy
My Order
Final Payment

I wonder if a brand like Trip Advisor can afford to do this, that too in India, where it is trying hard to get a foothold.  I am sure it must have left many people like me disappointed and infuriated.

I may never take any of its surveys in future for sure.

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