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Petrol Pumps on Manali-Leh Highway

The availability of petrol pumps on the 475 km long Manali-Leh highway is always a cause of concern for motorists.  There are not many fuel stations on the Manali-Leh highway and that is why motorists have to carry extra fuel in a jerrycan. Some innovative folks also use the 2 ltr Coke or Pepsi bottle to carry fuel.

Manali has a couple of petrol pumps. Once you leave Manali, the next petrol pump on Manali – Leh highway is at Tandi, approximately 110 km from Manali. Do not forget to tank up here. In fact, Tandi is believed to be the last petrol pump before Leh. So the distance a motorist has to traverse without finding a petrol pump is roughly 365 km. One needs to consider the terrain and road condition to ascertain the mileage of a vehicle. Though you may expect to find fuel at Pang or Sarchu but the quality of the fuel cannot be guaranteed.

Karu, 345 km from Tandi and 30 km before Leh has a petrol pump. You can find another petrol pump at the junction of Manali-Srinagar road in Leh.

Do carry a funnel or a pipe to make it easy and convenient to refill on your own.

Fuel stations on Manali-Leh Road

1.    Manali
2.    Tandi, 110 km from Manali
3.    Karu, 345 from Tandi; 30 km before Leh
4.    Leh

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