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Visit Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary on 5th Feb, 2012

Winter is the best time to visit most bird sanctuaries in India. It is the time when birds from different parts of the globe come to the country. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, just 40 km from Delhi and approximately 15 km from Gurgaon is an ideal place to visit in Delhi-NCR for bird watchers. A large number of migratory birds visit Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary every year. Close to 250 species of birds are found in the sanctuary.

If you are looking for company to visit Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, YHAI (Delhi Branch) is organizing a trip on 5th February (Sunday). Registration fee for the same is Rs. 250 per head. You can meet other members at the main gate of the sanctuary at 0930 hrs.

For more details, contact the conveners of the event:

Shri Kamal – 9868108416
Shri BB Bhagat – 9818662849
Ms Vanita – 9891489914


Pic Courtesy: Sudip Bhattacharya

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