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Pushkar Camel Fair 2013

Every year in November hundred thousands of people and animals converge on the holy town of Pushkar on the occasion of the annual Pushkar Camel Fair. It is among the largest cattle fair in India and world, which not only witnesses a large gathering of tourists from around the globe but the fair also becomes a trading hub where animals of all sorts are sold and purchased. Pushkar is also believed to have the only Brahma Temple in the world.

Cattle Fair Pushkar

The sleepy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan comes alive with the sounds and shows of cattle of all hues and shapes be it a giant elephant, an elegant horse or a captivating camel in colourful attire. The camel and horse races competitions further add to the cacophony and vibrancy of the Pushkar fair. The town transforms itself into a spectacular fair ground, as rows and rows of rickety stalls display an entire range of objects right from Rajasthani food to souvenirs to decorative items for humans and animals alike. Evenings remain abuzz with folk dances and music of Rajasthan.

Pushkar Fair 2013 Dates
The Pushkar Fair, this year, is scheduled to be held from 9 to 17 November.  The Pushkar Camel Fair is usually divided into two parts:

  • Camel Trading: Main attractions for tourists and action is on the fair grounds
  • Religious Rituals: Bathing in the Pushkar Lake and action is around the holy Pushkar Lake

The trading part commences in the first half of the Pushkar Camel Fair when owners and prospective buyers haggle over the rates of camels, elephants, horses and goats. Trading in Pushkar Fair is usually happens on the first five days (this year from 9 to 13 November). This is also the best time for photography in Pushkar Fair.

The 2nd part of the fair commences with devotees making a beeline to take a dip in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake and visiting the ancient Brahma Temple on the banks of the Pushkar Lake.

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