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North East Diary | Day 10 | Shillong to Cherrapunji

The stay at the lodge was comfortable. We take breakfast and move on. We see a church, a park and visit Police Bazaar. We go to Shillong Peak and have a panoramic view of the city and from here we move to see the Elephanta Falls.

After visiting all these places, I can tell you, there is nothing to see at Shillong, especially for a person who had seen other similar places and hill stations like Ooty, Manali, Gangtok, Srinagar… etc. We move to Cherrapunji (now known as Sohra) from Shillong and straight away head towards Mawsami Caves.

Shillong from the view point

I believe there are hundreds of caves in Meghalaya. I have seen caves at many places in India. (I am talking about natural caves and not man-made cave temples like Ajanta, Badami etc). To name a few, I have seen caves at Karnataka, Bellum and Bora caves of Andhra, Patal Bhuvaneshwari in Uttarakhand, Shiv Kori cave near Katra, Jammu & Kashmir, a cave at Jarwa Island of Andaman. I have also seen Kutumsar caves and Kailash Gufa at Chhattisgarh. All these are stalactite and stalagmite caves. And I consider the Kutumsar and Kailash caves of Chhattisgarh as the best. It is like seeing an Eastman colour photo and other caves are like seeing a black & white photo.

But if you have not seen those caves, then you will definitely like this one. You must visit Mawsami Caves. Because except me, everyone else in the group liked these cave very much.

We had breakfast in the morning. After this we had nothing and it was around 4.30 pm. So it was time for lunch. We saw a canteen near the cave. Generally I don’t talk much about food in my journeys, because I believe in having food only to fill my stomach. As long as it is neat and clean, it is perfectly ok for me. But I must mention a few words about this canteen. It is run by a Khasi lady. It was neat and clean. The food was tasty, and most economical. The meal included rice, dal, paneer mutter, baingan pakoda etc. for 14 people it cost us only around Rs 1000. This was very economical especially when canteens are considered monopoly and you won’t find any other place to eat.

I regret that even though I had a chat with her, I simply forgot to take a photo of her and her canteen.

The landscape en route to Cherrapunji


From here we go to the resort called Sa-i-Mika Park, which will be our stay place for two nights. The resort is a good one, but as we are travelers, we didn’t want a resort but only a lodge. Neil says as there were no lodges at Cherrapunji, he was forced to book this at a higher cost.

We have dinner and settle for the day.

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