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Gujarat Tour Diary: Day 17| Jowar Rotti lunch at Dharwad

(If you have come to this page while searching for some travel related information of Gujarat, I suggest you start from Day 0 of this travelogue.)

The hotel was next to some Industrial Area. And there was some guillotine machine running throughout the night. So we could not sleep properly. We left the room in the early morning. And soon we were at Kolhapur. We thanked Goddess Mahalakshmi for all her blessings for the safe tour till now. And soon we were inside Karnataka.

Once we entered Karnataka, getting Idli Vada was not a big deal. We finished our breakfast and drove on. By around 12 noon, we were in Belagavi.

What is the fun in a drive, if there are no thrills? While eating Mawa at Khavda, I had told about Belagavi Kunda to MKR. So we decided to buy some Kunda for our family. We searched the internet, found out a nearby shop off the highway. And using the Maps, we went there. See the life is so easy with the help of these modern day gadgets. The whole job got over in less than 15 minutes.

We were back in the highway and proceeded towards Dharwad. It was nearing 2 pm and time for lunch break. MKR wanted to have North Karnataka Jowar Rotti meals. I told him that we must enter the Hubli-Dharwad city for this, and due to traffic and parking problems we might waste lot of time. He also agreed.

But again, what is the fun, if there is no thrill. I decided upon a grand idea. We were nearer to High Court bench of Dharwad. I have shown you this on our first day of the tour.

High court bench at Dharwad
High court bench at Dharwad

We went to the gate, and the security officer stopped us. This was my first set back, because, in Bengaluru’s High Court I did not face this problem any time.

He – Whom do you want to meet Sir?

We – We want to meet our lawyer.

He – Who is your lawyer, what is his name?

We – (in fact we never expected this question also from anybody).. Su..Su..Suresh… Suresh, his name is Suresh.

He – Quite funny, you don’t know your lawyer’s name. Are you Govt employees?

We – (I could not control my laugh) No, we are private people. We have come from Bengaluru.

He – Ok, make an entry in the register, park your vehicle in the ground floor, and then you can meet your lawyer.

We thanked God for the presence of mind, and followed his instructions. MKR was puzzled about what I was doing.

We went to the Canteen in the Court complex. It was a neat and clean canteen building. I was 100% confidant that we can get Jowar Rotti meals here. And God did not disappoint us. We got a highly subsidized but tasty lunch there. We finished the lunch and thanked all the staff members. (And now you know the different reasons for which people visit High Courts)

We resumed our journey towards Bengaluru and reached our home safely by around 9 pm.

Total distance covered: 841 kms.


Before I complete my travelogue in the next page, I have a simple question for you. Of course, you also will be interested in that. Let me first give you the clue, and then ask the question.

1. A typical Kutch tour of 3-4 days, consisting of 2-3 tourist circuits will cost around Rs 30,000/ per head. This excludes the to-and-fro journey tickets. And if you want to see the Vighakote border, then add another 3-4,000/ per head.

2. We have covered around 7000 kms in the tour. We went in an AC car. Considering Rs 10/ per KM for an AC car, the rent for the taxi alone would have been around Rs 70,000/.

So now my question is “How much money we have spent for this tour?

I know you also will be interested in this. Before you read the answer in the next and final page, make a wild guess and then proceed further.

 Click here to know travel expenses we incurred on our Gujarat Tour.

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