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Gujarat Tour Diary: How much did the tour cost?

(If you have come to this page while searching for some travel related information of Gujarat, I suggest you start from Day 0 of this travelogue.)

The final cost analysis
Before I end the tour and this long travelogue, I wholeheartedly thank God for the safe and pleasant journey. We did not come across any problem what-so-ever. It was sheer joy all along the way.

We also thank our respective family, for their full-fledged support. We also thank our Mumbai Uncle-and-his-family for his kind hospitality.

We thank Google Maps, without which we could not have covered so many places in such a short time.

Our sincere thanks to BAPS Swami Narayan Mandir for their wonderful accommodation and food. If we had to search for the rooms every day, then we would have wasted around 1 hour each day only for this purpose.

Then we also thank all the people of Gujarat (yes all the people of Gujarat, which includes one and all) for making our tour a memorable one.

Cost Analysis of our Gujarat Tour


  • Total distance covered = 6852 kms.
  • Total diesel consumed = 379.26 lts
  • Mileage = 18 kmpl
  • Total Diesel Cost = Rs 20,320/
  •  Total toll charges = Rs 3,419/

Out of this, we would have paid around Rs 3,050/ for the journey from Bengaluru-Mumbai-Anand and Ahmedabad-Bengaluru. And the distance is around 2900 kms. The internal state highways of Gujarat was around 3952 kms and the toll was around Rs 369/. Most of the Gujarat state highways are in excellent condition wherein we could maintain around 100 kmph. And they are all non-tolled roads.

Lodging = Rs 7,390/

Out of 16 nights, one day we stayed in our Uncle’s house. The remaining 15 nights costed us Rs 7,390/. This works out to be around Rs 500/ per night, which is quite reasonable.

4. Cost of drinking water = Nil.

We used ‘Aqua guard On the Go’ water bottle. Hence we not only saved money for the water, but also did not use any plastic bottles. This is an excellent companion for trekkers and travelers.

5. All other expenses = Rs 13,871/.

When I say ‘all other expense’, it includes all the direct expenses incurred by us. It includes items like food, guide fees, camera fees, permits, temple donations, etc. It also includes two mementos bought in Sasan Gir, the sweets that we bought at Mehsana and Belagavi. It does not exclude anything that we directly spent.

(Of course it excludes the indirect expenses like the phone call and internet charges)

6. Approximate service charges of the vehicle after the tour = Rs 5,000/

7. Hence, total cost = Rs 50,000/

8. And cost per head = Rs 25,000/

Yes, that is all; we just spent Twenty Five Thousand per head for this entire trip.

Now before I conclude, I have two more important points to make.

One: I don’t write these travelogues for money. (I think the same with all the internet writers). I write it, so that it will be helpful to someone, somewhere on someday. So your feedback motivates me to write more and more such travelogues. Hence it is your duty to express your feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints, compliments etc now. Don’t just quit and go, but give your feedback and go.

Two: Lot of web sites ask the reader to become member and login to post the comments. This is a big irritant for posting the comments. If you are a website owner, I request you to do away with this clause. You will be doing a great service to the travelogue-writer and the readers from this. In case if you find anything wrong in the posted comments, you can always post it after verifying the contents.

So don’t wait, kindly post your remarks below. In case if you can’t post it, then you may email me the same at:

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