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North East Diary | Day 16 | Sightseeing in Kaziranga National Park and New Year Celebrations

We get ready for the Jeep Safari at 7am. We are in Kohora, the central range of KNP. After the permit formalities, we start the safari. Initially it is through grassland and then it passes through some not-so-dense forest. We spotted some wildlife including rhino, elephant, but not lucky enough to spot any tiger.

We come back, have our breakfast and proceed for a long walk. Other than safaris, there is nothing much to do at KNP. We did some window shopping cum shopping and generally found that the shop keepers are quite friendly with the customers. For packed items, they charged only MRP. Over all we were quite satisfied with that.

After lunch, we head to an Elephant Safari in the Eastern Range. The safari lasts for an hour. Here we go in to the field, where jeeps can’t go, I mean where there are no roads. As we will be watching from a height, this is best to explore the herbivorous animals from a close range. The animals like rhino etc are quite used to the visits by humans and do not shy and run away. So the best way to see KNP is to go for both these rides.

Souvenir in Kaziranga
A partition door on sale at a souvenir shop in Kaziranga


Later in the night, Neil had booked us to a New Year Party at Emerald Resort. There was a Folk Dance by the Tribal People, but due to communication gap, we missed it. The party was simple. We had camp fire, music and dinner. This was also a part of the tour package offered by our tour operator Greener Pastures.

And then we call it a day.

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