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Long Weekends in 2014

If you are a travel freak and sneak out of your city to explore the world whenever you get an opportunity, the year 2014 is for you. Compared to the last year, there are plenty of long weekends in 2014. This year quite a few holidays are either on a Friday or Monday.

The icing on the cake is October when you  get not three but five holidays at a stretch. And the best month is April, which has two pure long weekends and one more if you take a leave in between holidays.


Here are the long weekends in 2014

No leave needed long weekends
1. Holi Long Weekend: March 15 (Sat), March 16 (Sun), & March 17 (Mon, Holi)
2. Ambedkar Jayanti Long Weekend: April 12 (Sat), April 13 (Sun), & April 14 (Mon, Ambedkar Jayanti)
3. Good Friday Long Weekend: April 18 (Fri, Good Friday), April 19 (Sat), & April 20 (Sun)
4. Independence Day Long Weekend: Aug 15 (Fri, Independence Day), Aug 16 (Sat), & Aug 17 (Sun)
5. Ganesh Chaturthi Long Weekend: Aug 29 (Friday, Ganesh Chaturthi), Aug 30 (Sat), & Aug 31 (Sun)
6. Gandhi Jayanti Long Weekend: Oct 2 (Thu, Gandhi Jayanti), Oct 3 (Fri, Dussehra), Oct 4 (Sat), Oct 5 (Sun), & Oct 6 (Mon, Bakr Id)

gaumukh trek, uttarkhand

One leave needed long weekends
1. Maha Shivratri Long Weekend: Feb 27 (Thu, Mahashivratri), Feb 28 (Fri, take leave), Mar 1 (Sat) & Mar 2 (Sun)
2.  Ram Navami Long Weekend: Apr 5 (Sat), Apr 6 (Sun), Apr 7 (Mon, take leave) & Apr 8 (Tue, Ram Navami)
3. Eid Long Weekend:  July 26 (Sat), July 27 (Sun), July 28 (Monday, take leave) & July 29 (Tue, Eid)
4. Diwali Long Weekend: Oct 23 (Thu, Diwali), Oct 24 (Fri, take leave), Oct 25 (Sat), & Oct 26 (Sun)
5. Muharram Long Weekend:  Nov 1 (Sat), Nov 2 (Sun), Nov 3 (Mon, take leave), & Nov 4 (Tue, Muharram)
6. Guru Nanak Jayanti Long Weekend: Nov 6 (Thu, Guru Nanak Jayanti), Nov 7 (Fri, take leave), Nov 8 (Sat), &  Nov 9 (Sun)
7. Xmas Long Weekend: Dec 25 (Thu, Christmas), Dec 26 (Fri, take leave), Dec 27 (Sat), & Dec 28 (Sun)


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