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Khajuraho Temples in Pictures

Khajuraho Temples are a photographer’s delight. To click best Khajuraho temple photos, you need to have skill and patience to capture the brilliance of these beautiful temples. Khajuraho temples are dotted with such splendid architectural wonders that if you are not focused and careful, you may miss them completely. Khajuraho Dance Festival also offers a wonderful opportunity to capture the dancers in the backdrop of Khajuraho Temples.

Most of the temples in Khajuraho were built between 950 and 1050 AD, during the Chandella dynasty. According to the historical records, it is believed there close to 85 temples by 12th century, spread over 20 square kilometers but today only a few have survived. There are 20 temples today that a traveller can visit. These temples are spread over an area of six square kilometers.

Khajuraho Temples have been grouped into three clusters 1) Western Group of Temples 2)Eastern Group of Temples and 3) Southern Group of Temples. Of all the three groups, Western Group of Temples is the most popular. Lakshaman Temple and Kandariya Mahadev Temple are the main temples  at Western Group.

Here are some of the well captured photos of  Khajuraho Temples.

khajuraho temple
Pic By: sfu.marcin



khajuraho temple
Pic By: Paul Mannix


khajuraho temple photo
Pic By: Florian Recklebe


Kandariya Mahadev Temple Khajuraho
Kandariya Mahadev Temple Khajuraho | Pic By: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra


lakshman temple khajuraho
Lakshamn Temple Khajuraho | Pic By: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra


khajuraho temple
Pic By: Jeff Hart


lion at khajuraho temple
Pic By: Liji Jinaraj


Khajuraho Temple
Pic By: Liji Jinaraj

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