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North East Diary | Day 8 | Namdapha to Deban and back to Dibrugarh

On 8th day i.e. on 23rd Dec. 2011, we had our breakfast and packed all our tents etc.  Then we start our return trek at 8.50 am, and reach Deban at 12.10 noon. We take a bath in the river. A cold water bath refreshes you and a hot water bath relaxes you. So we get refreshed.

The Bolero was waiting for us. After having lunch at Deban Forest Guest House, we start back to Dibrugarh. And by 8 pm we were back in the city. We get refreshed at Vaibhav’s house, and after having dinner, we all proceed to Guwahati in a bus.

And this completes my first leg of the North East tour.

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